by Adam Fielding

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Lightfields is the sophomore artist album of UK-based electronic musician Adam Fielding, written and recorded from 2008-2010 and released in September 2010.

Building on his debut album Distant Activity, Adam weaves a delicate balance of incredible production prowess, live instrumentation and emotional songwriting, resulting in a remarkably accessible listen while boasting a startling amount of depth. From the driven, mangled beats of The Initiation through to the off-kilter synth-rock of The Same Mistakes, listeners are treated to a consistently organic record with more than a few surprises along the way.

Lightfields strikes a creative balance between artistic development, memorable songwriting and accessibility, resulting in an album that revels in cutting-edge production and artistic expression.

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released September 8, 2010

Written, produced and performed by: Adam Fielding
Additional vocals on tracks 3, 5 and 9 by: Elisa Etemad
Additional guitars on track 5 by: Nathan Toby Bradley and Joshua Clark
Photography and artwork by: Adam Fielding and Elisa Etemad
Mastered at: MBUA Studios



all rights reserved


Adam Fielding Huddersfield, UK

Adam Fielding is a UK based electronic musician specialising in blending rich soundscapes with strong melodies to create music that is both diverse and accessible, while retaining a strong emotional undercurrent.

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Track Name: Falling Through The Sun
i'm finding it hard to breathe
how did i end up here
standing on the edge of the world
touch the sky, and stave the fall

you are not alone

before we reach the hour
let me have this moment
of absolute clarity

i won't let you down
i won't let you fail
as we fall through the sun
and we are falling through the sun

i won't let you down
and i won't let you burn
as we fall through the sun
and we are falling through the sun
Track Name: Lightfields
blessed by the company of those
you swore you'd never let them go
and in the face of overwhelming odds
love will finally conquer all somehow

this final truth
it keeps me, it haunts me
look what it's done to me
alone in this field of lights
we were abandoned, we may be broken
yet still we burn so bright

for a single moment there
i thought i found myself once more
standing where it all began
we broke the earth and stole the sun

but all of this is said and done
the end is where we are right now

time slips away
what have i done
Track Name: Ruined
you took all of the pieces
and cast them to the stars
if you don't believe in miracles, then
when you stand before your deity
your head in your hands
and all you have is ruined
who am i to judge

who am i to judge you

you said it all along
you don't know where you're heading, down
what's done is done
and will never be the same again

you broke down the barrier
you swore you'd never cross
i'm sorry that you made it
so sorry for your loss

and we can be insensitive sometimes
and we all make mistakes sometimes

who am i to judge you
what am i to you
Track Name: The Same Mistakes
a wash of fire strips your soul
it picks away the difference of us all
reborn amongst the ashes of your past
and all is at it should be here
yeah all is as should be now

how can you say
we're not the same
we feared the signs
we are alive
but in your eyes
i am saved
so don't you feel
the same way too

stand your ground
don't tear your expectations down
they'll strip you bare
then they'll eat you alive
they'll bury you alive

but even after everything
i've seen how this story ends
so don't turn back now

i'm losing my grip on whatever may come
my fingers are slipping and cut to the bone
seems what was forward is running on backwards
want to look up, but i seem to fall
Track Name: The Glow
i am here
you are dreaming
and i am gone

i am saved
you will be, too


gone further still i'll keep searching
inhaling your light it's always the same
forced all your worries
caught in the glow
you'll keep on dreaming
Track Name: Confidante
my confidante
hear me now
you've changed me in ways
i'm only starting to understand
for once i've
seen you

you stole my heart
and broke me down
cast out the worst
but left me whole

you stole my breath
then cut my soul
i want this
you complete me

you stole my heart
then cut my soul
cast out the worst
you complete me
Track Name: For What Remains
for what remains
in all of us
if we're not the same
if we're not the same way anymore

for what remains
of all of us
if i couldn't change
if i couldn't change anything

for what remains
if we're not the same
for what remains
if i never change