Distant Activity

by Adam Fielding

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Distant Activity: The debut album from Adam Fielding explores deep electronica awash with dance, ambient and symphonic sensibilities.

This is the debut album from Adam Fielding, and is the culmination of several years of songwriting, experimentation and production. Adam has been writing music since the mid-nineties, constantly refining his own unique brand of alternative electronica - an evolution acknowledged by this album's playful juggling of sub-genres.

Citing influences such as Hybrid, BT, Boards of Canada and Jon Hopkins, the songs cover a broad range of styles and tastes ranging from breathtaking ambient soundscapes, atmospheric dance tracks and synthpop-esque numbers - all while retaining an emotional context through a synthesis of orchestral elements, vocals, sweeping synths, piano and guitar.

Adam has created a unique work of intense, atmospheric songs that should be a welcome listen to those both familiar with and new to electronic music.

Visit Adam Fielding on the web at www.adamfielding.com


released September 7, 2008

Recorded, produced and performed by: Adam Fielding
Additional sound design and drum programming by: Tom Pritchard
Photography and artwork by: Adam Fielding
Mastered at: MBUA Studios



all rights reserved


Adam Fielding Huddersfield, UK

Adam Fielding is a UK based electronic musician specialising in blending rich soundscapes with strong melodies to create music that is both diverse and accessible, while retaining a strong emotional undercurrent.

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Track Name: Distant Activity
all our dreams are turning up roses
a busy night again
constants shifting all around
pulsing to the collective rhythm
as i lie awake
Track Name: Aurora
awake to the sight of sunday afternoon
result of a time spent gazing at the sky
with crimson shadows falling across the floor
light rising from whence it came to rest

alive for the moments when the world isn't listening
stay or go, a picture says more than words could say

so hurry up and make your choice
know you'll always be beautiful in my eyes
blind sunrays kissing single moments
we don't have nearly enough time to savour this

we're alone at last
and watching light form beyond the sky
you take the glass
and drink to the sight of countless angels

daylight calling
the pulse of light coursing through our veins
the world's alive
Track Name: Don't Look Now
i'm gonna collapse beneath the stars
then i'm gonna blame it on the time
half past life and i'm still shaking
we'll keep on stumbling until the end
and we won't look back

don't look back

but i don't regret anything
and i just don't understand
but i'll keep on wondering

and i won't look back
just don't look back
Track Name: You're On Your Own
somehow i knew this day was coming
time to go i guess
alone here in silence
guess there's nothing left to say but

don't fight the fact
no-one comes home
just face the truth
you're on your own

you're on your own

we waved goodbye on the open road
said farewell and now
i'm staggering randomly at 4am
and god i miss you

but whatever, i hope you're having fun
wherever the hell you are
if i knew it would be this hard
would i still try?

don't fight the fact
no-one's coming home
just face the truth
you're on your own
Track Name: Busy Lives
can you feel your heartbeat
can you hear that sound
can you spread the daylight
could you turn around

can you sense the breathing
can you live this time
can you feel this light
it's inside us all

least of all i figure
we stay young and proud
growing up forever
it's just not my style

picking scars together
busy lives unrest
close to call to consider
angels in denial

that's the devil in the details
empty and alone

still you feel your heartbeat
still you hear that sound
can you sense the light
within us all

still you feel each second
slipping from us all
still you feel this time
but do you feel at all

(angels in disguise)

do you feel at all
Track Name: I Am Falling
i am falling
and I am fading
i am sinking
and yet i'm breathing

if i'm talking
then i am losing
and if we're thinking
then are we living at all

i am falling

it's a pretense defined by six long years
in the absense of all your hopes and fears
since we cannot see the light through all our tears
and i cannot see the ground
and i cannot see the ground from way up here