Background Activity

by Adam Fielding

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Background Activity is a selection of songs written and produced during the creation of Distant Activity (2007 - 2008) that were not included on the album itself.

During the creation of Distant Activity, there were a number of songs written and produced that didn't make the final cut. Some went on to be released as part of other projects (namely, The Dawn EP). Some tracks were a little too quirky. Some didn't fit with the overall aesthetic of the album. Some just wouldn't have fit on the album. As time passed, these tracks remained archived and untouched - a curious reminder of musical and emotional ideas that were never intended to see the light of day.

As such, Background Activity is a revisiting of the period during which Distant Activity was created. All unreleased tracks are presented in their original state - rough edges and all - as a musical time capsule for anyone interested in hearing some of the ideas that paved the way for the completion of the full album itself.


released March 7, 2012

Recorded, produced and performed by: Adam Fielding
Photography and artwork by: Adam Fielding
Mastered at: MBUA Studios




Adam Fielding Huddersfield, UK

Adam Fielding is a UK based electronic musician specialising in blending rich soundscapes with strong melodies to create music that is both diverse and accessible, while retaining a strong emotional undercurrent.

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Track Name: Points of Light
this will be an endless symphony of noise
Track Name: To Be Free
january's follies are catching up to me
i've wasted months trying to find something
that simply does not want to be found

no simple things we take
obvious reasons they lie within
we are without

falling prey to lonely dissonance

but now we're free
and now we're free

the signal's sent to come back home
so that's where we're going
cos now we're free
Track Name: Firmly Grounded
roaring engines overhead
constellations on a course
too short a grasp to catch a break
we aren't going anywhere

a constant aching for the changes
that never seem to take hold
too short a life to be living
and we aren't going anywhere

watching over all of us with pity
as we poison ourselves
night after night after night
watching over all of us, careful, no
we aren't going anywhere

collect your thoughts into a box
to open while you're dreaming
broken hearts and spilling hope
well we aren't going anywhere

we aren't going anywhere

so rest your palms upon the window
staring out into a storm
you're safe within your own terms
we aren't going anywhere
Track Name: We Are Connected
stand up and be counted
we are all connected
a signal fire for your skies
as lights burn out before our eyes

after everything is over
lay down your burdens and remember
so we don't know where we're going
that's half the fun, not knowing

we are all connected